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"She's really nice. She makes the math easy to understand. If I don't get something, she just explains it in another way and doesn't make me feel dumb." ~ Devon, Grade 9 math

"Rachelle is an amazing tutor. She is easy to get along with, has an excellent system for helping me learn, and will always push me to do my best. I think she has really helped me improve my math." ~ Dylan, gr 7, 8 & 9 math

"I've been struggling with math throughout high school and have always been discouraged with it. Through her tutoring, Rachelle helped me grasp a better understanding of the concepts of grade 11 and 12 mathematics. The tutoring sessions were fun and enjoyable, and it helped to have someone young and knowledgeable there, who I could relate to and who could also help me learn." ~ Caitlin Bainbridge, student at Central Secondary School

"Rachelle was great with our son, who was just coming to grips with his learning style. She never made him feel uncomfortable or gave him the sense that he couldn't do the math. Her friendly, respectful manner was just what he needed. If he became frustrated, they calmly worked through the questions together, working as a team. We were so lucky to find her - she's given our son the confidence he needed." ~ Kathy, mother of grade nine student

"Rachelle has been working with our son for the three consecutive years. Her dedication and knowledge has had a very positive impact on our son's ability to cope with the significant demands of the senior elementary and secondary school math curriculums. Rachelle continues to meet his Special Education needs in a professional and sensitive manner." ~ Kathleen Robinson-Burch, mother of grade 9 student

"I am pleased to highly recommend Rachelle as a tutor. Her ability to pass on her considerable knowledge in a straightforward and clear fashion made the learning process much easier. As a mature student, I welcomed her patience and professionalism and I would urge anyone who is looking for a tutor to call Rachelle first. You won't be disappointed." ~ Les Lee, Corel Photo Paint student