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Rachelle, Tutor

Bachelor of Arts Degree, UWO


Rachelle graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology. Continuing to fulfill her dream of helping others, she volunteered with Madame Vanier Children’s Services and in Elementary school classrooms helping children to read.

Pursuing her need to "fix things", she applied to Fanshawe College and studied Electronics Engineering. She was the top of her class in the first term with straight A's, something almost unheard of in the course. The next year she started tutoring math to other College students who were experiencing difficulties. Rather than tutoring Electronic students though, it was the Physics students in many areas including Health Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, and Automotive that came to her for help. Rachelle noticed she had a special talent for being able to explain things in different ways until each student understood the concept being taught. She noticed a lot of students were visual and kinesthetic (doing) learners and that most of the teachers would teach in a more auditory way. She also realized that what most of the students lacked was a good grasp of high school maths, so she expanded to working with high school and elementary school students. She later worked at the Learning Loft, a Learning Centre specializing in learning disabilities, for a time and eventually branched out to start her own tutoring business. As well as tutoring individuals, Rachelle has done contract work for clients such as the Ontario March of Dimes. The part she enjoys most out of her work, is to see an increase in confidence in the students when they feel like they can do it by themselves!