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Information, Policies and Procedures

WELCOME: Thank you for your interest in Soul Reflections Tutoring, owned and operated by Rachelle. This document explains my policies and procedures. Please read it carefully and make sure that you fully understand it. These policies are subject to change. The latest version will always be posted on this website:

TUTORING LOCATION : I conduct all tutoring in your home in London, Ontario. I prefer if you have pets that they are kept away when I come. (Please ask about your particular pet if it is a problem). I only tutor in smoke-free homes, and prefer to tutor in the main area of your house, usually at your dining room table.

GUARDIAN ACCOMPANIMENT: For students who are under 18 years old, I require that an adult remain in the house while the child is being tutored.

LENGTH OF SESSION :I offer 1 to 2 hr tutoring sessions. My experience has been that this is the optimal length of time for a math session. If we are ever not finished with something during the tutoring session, I may go a little overtime for free to finish up. If I see it will take longer than 10 mins, I will ask if we can extend the session time (for extra pay). We can also finish by phone or e-mail for free. My goal is to help with the math by whatever means is necessary.


As tutoring is my business and main source of income, I will do my best to always be available for your scheduled time, and I would expect the same respect from you.

My current rate is $40/hr for clients who want a weekly, consistent tutoring schedule. This amount is to be paid up front at the beginning of each month. If you decide not to be on the schedule anymore, please give me at least two (2) weeks notice so I can find another student to fill that spot.

If you choose not to be on a weekly schedule, your appointments may be made around my free time and other jobs at a rate of $45/hr. Sometimes specific times may not be available every week.

Please give me at least two (2) days notice for rescheduling. In case of sickness, please let me know within two (2) hrs of the appointment time so I can possibly tutor someone else, and I will make myself available to make up the appointment at our next available opportunity when you are feeling better.

If I am sick, I will make up the time when I am feeling better at the next available opportunity.

If you are nearby or running late, text or call my cell phone so I stay around the area, but I will still end the session at the same time as usual and charge for the full time.

If I come to your door and am not able to tutor, be aware that driving to your house and back usually is an hour of my time plus mileage, and that is why I still require payment, even if you reschedule for another time.

I accept cash, cheques (after a month of tutoring with me), and credit cards via my website. I also accept e-transfer paid the same day the schedule is set for the each month.

LAST MINUTE CRASH TUTORING ("Help! I'm in Trouble!"): It is very important that you prepare for important tests and exams far in advance, and expect to take ongoing sessions. It is difficult to learn math in a very short period of time, and also more difficult to teach quickly. I require an extra $10 for sessions if you only want me to help the day before a test, exam or assignment.

"TONE" OF SESSION: The tone of my tutoring sessions is relaxed and fun. I am kind and compassionate, and very patient, but also like to add laughter to the session. Sometimes it takes a few times for us to get comfortable with each other but the more we work together, the more fun it becomes. I might joke that "math is fun" and usually get students to believe it after a while! I am very skilled in putting myself in the mind of the student, to determine why they are struggling with a particular problem, and then move to resolving it.

TUTORING METHOD: The tutoring session is always personalized for you. Every student has a different math background and different needs. Sometimes it is it difficult to learn the way the math is being taught. The goal is to break the cycle of feeling frustrated and unsuccessful with math. Sometimes the marks don't reflect the abilities or even the knowledge because of anxiety or issues with test-taking or confidence level. I am able to see past the marks to what is really going on. If you are missing some information from previous math courses, I will go back to more elementary drills as we go along to bring you up to the present homework. Math is learned step-by-step. Almost all of the trouble with math is not having a full understanding of all of the previous topics upon which the current topic is based. My tutoring will always be geared so that you will understand how to solve problems on your own. This is because on an exam you are on your own, and do not have access to any hints or guidance. It is also likely that the problems on an exam will not be exactly the same as the type that you had in your homework. In fact, the current trend in math is to have students solve problems that involve many different topics simultaneously. This requires lots of independent and creative thinking, and a full understanding of the material. I tutor by asking lots of questions. This is how to learn and retain the information. I "elicit" the answers from the student, since a lot of the time he or she has the knowledge but fails to realize it. I might ask something like, "Why would you put the "x" over here, and not over here?" This forces the student to think, and to be actively involved in learning. I usually work along on the questions as well, so I can easily and quickly find where discrepancies lie.

LEARNING DISABILITIES: I have worked with students who have special learning disabilities or difficulties, including ADHD and ASD. I have training in Autism and have worked as a Support Worker as well. I am patient and compassionate, and see a learning disability as just learning in a different way. I always try different methods until I find one that makes the "light bulb" go on.

ETHICS POLICY: I always strive to build up confidence and abilities. I will always be honest about your progress and what I feel is best, and then the decision is yours as to how to proceed.

CONFIDENCE BUILDING: Most students know much more math than they think they do, and have much more innate mathematical aptitude than they realize, or have been told, and only need to be shown that they really had those skills all along. The job of a skilled math tutor is to fill in the gaps where needed, and to clarify misconceptions which the student may have been holding onto for a very long time. You'll probably find yourself saying, "Wow! Now I finally get it!"

REFUND POLICY: If you ever feel that a tutoring session was not of benefit, you do not have to pay for it. Of course, I would then no longer be able to offer my tutoring services to you.

REFERRAL BONUSES: If a client refers another client to me, and that client takes at least 3 paid sessions, the referring client will receive a free session. Please remind me of this policy if this happens.