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Capturing images of the changing seasons surrounding her country home was the beginning of a love affair with photography for Rachelle. Since the age of twelve, Rachelle was the official photographer for family gatherings. She became intrigued with portrait photography while trying to capture her sister’s true beauty, which seemed to be missing in other photographs. Rachelle studied art throughout high school. In OAC art class, she specialized in photography - and her vivid photographs were displayed at local art shows. After studying psychology at the University of Western Ontario, and obtaining her Bachelor of Arts Degree, she found that she had a deep yearning to reach the soul of an individual. She mastered this through photography. Rachelle began her photography career at the Wal-Mart Portrait Studio. She created various techniques that quickly brought smiles to the children’s faces, which parents loved when they saw their child’s true spirit captured in the portraits. Customers soon called to book appointments specifically with Rachelle. Rachelle continued her passion for photography at Glamour Magic, as the Location Manager for their travelling portrait studio. She enjoyed working with the various methods Glamour Magic used to enhance people’s looks. Later, she worked with Jostens Canada, photographing students, teachers, and school teams for yearbooks and student cards. She learned how to capture the essence of a group while overcoming the challenge of ensuring everyone in the group looked good. Throughout these experiences, Rachelle dreamed that one day she would have her own portrait studio, a safe, comfortable, and fun place to take children’s portraits and a place where she could spend time with adults to capture their inner beauty. Plus, she wanted to be able to edit and tweak the photographs herself, to soften laugh lines and remove blemishes. Rachelle has taken many college photography courses in studio lighting and posing techniques, as well as Photoshop, the editing software for photographs. Rachelle’s dream became a reality with the beginning of Soul Reflections in 2002. She photographs children, adults, pets, company products, and special events. Her art photos have been displayed and sold at several shows. Today, you have the opportunity to experience Rachelle’s creative talent. Call for your appointment today and discover your true soul reflection.